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About Lena, Seattle & Tacoma family photographer

I’m Lena, a Seattle and Tacoma family photographer who’s life experience has shaped my approach to photographing families. After the birth of my fourth child, we made a decision to take newborn photos. Having experienced a complicated birth (almost dying twice), my husband and I realized this was something we didn’t just want to do, but that we had to do. To document what matters — our family.

And yet, I remember feeling so overwhelmed and tired. Finding something to wear, attempting to do my hair and makeup — despite my good intentions — made me feel more exhausted and mentally drained.

Even though I was a photographer too, and knew all of the ins and outs for incredible photos, I still felt almost hopeless, and like I wasn’t prioritized. This is why I bring a unique, supportive approach to my work that eases your worries. To help you love the images, yes, but to feel relieved, delighted and relaxed throughout the process.

From maternity to newborn and the years that follow, my intent as a Tacoma family photographer is to curate tangible memories while providing the stress-free, luxury experience that you deserve.

Tacoma Family Photographer
Seattle portrait photographer, Lena Porter looking into camera and laughing in her studio.

Inspired by the organic, full-of-life salt of the sea, and the permanence of ink, I use photography to stir hearts and yet, my heart is stirred too.

Drawn to the depth of emotions, intimacy, and memories, I’ve spent the last 10 years documenting the lives of others in Seattle, Tacoma and throughout the Pacific Northwest. My top favorite moments are the in-betweens and little fading details. The wildly innocent look of your little one’s smile while the light dances across the sky, and images that bring back the pitter patter of small feet running across the floor with laughter in the air.

My work spread its roots with weddings and elopements, but the smaller moments day to day called me back to the newborn portraits and photos of motherhood that I first began with. Seattle is home, and I miss my family the instant I step away (and my homemade oat milk hazelnut lattes). 

As a mother of four, I hope to lighten your load in every way possible. Selecting outfits, finding the perfect location, and even the hair and makeup are all taken care of on your behalf. And of course, I’ll make sure that the photos are tangibly delivered, putting the time into tailored albums that will let you breathe a sigh of relief, while soaking up the days that, in hindsight, passed by too quickly. 

– Lena

Your Life as Art


Come home to photos on your walls and keepsakes in your hands that serve as a steady reminder;  to slow down and carve out more days just like this.

Your Seattle & Tacoma family photographer

This should feel like a trip to the coast. Views that will never get old, leisurely strolls, playful, no-rush memories. Creating a legacy of love and laughter from the moments here and now to the joyful photographs hanging on the walls of your home. 

Memories don’t have a time limit or to-do list, so you won’t find either of those with my photography sessions.

Keepsakes to come home to

The backstory

The backstory

Family Re Edit-6

From elopements to the smaller, significant moments of everyday

I spent my early childhood growing up in Seattle, a little photojournalist using the camera to observe those around me. I loved capturing what I saw, acknowledging the moments as they were made.

At only 23 years old, I started taking newborn photos and later, specialized in elopements with a photojournalistic approach. After the birth of my third child, I chose to switch gears and spend more time with my family, and to help other families spend more time together too.



And I know you wouldn’t either


Tacoma motherhood Photographer

This is the life you always wanted. And yet, as a mother to four, I know how it feels to always be taking the photos, and never in them. So, it’s important to me that every mother I photograph is taken care of and prioritized.

Memories, together

Tacoma Photographer

The seconds that take your breath away, the photos you look back on with admiration, the laughs that almost ring out from the smiles you see — all I want is for these beautiful, classic moments of life to be captured and passed down.

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