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based in tacoma, wa

In the presence of great love, something happens beyond the obvious. It’s a nuanced language of in-between moments that speak to the grand intentions words cannot. The soft touch of your lovers hand, a tear down their cheek while saying their vows, it’s the way they see you in a way no one else can. It’s the way your new baby fits in your arms, the pitter patter of little feet on the floor, a sleepy smile after a long night. These moments often go unseen but mean the most when looking back. For the quiet lovers on their wedding day to the growing families changing everyday, don't let those moments slip away; keep them close forever...

Based in the Seattle & Tacoma area but traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond

Lena Porter

your elopement and portrait photographer

Hi I'm Lena, an elopement and portrait photographer in Tacoma, WA serving the greater Seattle area and beyond. My hope is that my images make you feel what a moment was like. That the love shared radiates off of the screen and gives you goosebumps. Like your favorite movie you can watch over and over again, I’m inspired by filmy nostalgia and soft connection between couples and families.

I picked up a camera for the first time on our family vacations 20 years ago, capturing the intimate moments my family shared, I knew I was onto something special. Through years of learning and life experiences, my camera was never far away. My dreams to capture intimate and emotional moments for others ultimately led me to my career as an elopement and family photographer; after all, what's more intimate and emotional than the love and life you create together?

Tacoma, WA

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