Supahtra & Chris | Seattle, WA

Supahtra and Chris’ downtown Seattle elopement is one for the books! With getting chauffeured around the city of Seattle in a classic Bentley, to the gorgeous views from the Seattle Municipal Courthouse on 5th ave, and of course their reception down in Ballard with great food and drinks. This was definitely one of my all time favorite courthouse elopements with how much thought and effort Supahrta and Chris put into it to make it their own. This is why elopements rule, you can take any seemingly boring or ordinary idea and make it into your own amazing fairytale day!

A great tip for all you courthouse elopers, if you’re going to downtown Seattle for your elopement call ahead and request to be wed at the courthouse on 5th and not 3rd, it’s much more modern, updated, and as you can see it is FILLED to the brim with natural light and has a rooftop area for ceremonies and photos!

Now enjoy the elopement of Supahtra and Chris…

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