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Tips & Tricks For A Smooth Wedding Day


I. Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least three months before your elopement or wedding. This will give you peace of mind to know exactly how you will look and give you the opportunity to change things in advance if necessary!

II. Allowing 50% more time for hair and makeup than you originally anticipated alleviates the number one reason wedding schedules end up running late. This will assure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before your elopement ceremony or wedding.

III. Have food delivered to your getting ready location. It may be hectic, but take the time to have a bite before your wedding since it will be a while before you have the opportunity to nourish yourself during your reception. Snacks are also great to have on hand at any given time.

IV. Have your florist deliver your bouquet/boutonnieres to where you are getting ready, getting ready can have plenty of downtime for photographing those details. Plus you’ll want your flowers there and ready to go for portraits as soon as you’re ready!

V. Prepare an emergency bridal kit with clear nail polish, mints, a sewing kit, stain remover, Visine, safety pins, bobby pins, pain reliever and mini deodorant.

VI. If your wedding is in a church or historical venue find out their rules on photography and flash photography. All venues are different, and some restrict flash photography, the location of photographs, where the photographer can be during your ceremony, and even the times when photos are permitted.

VII. If possible, arrange to have your formal photographs taken before your ceremony. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with each other or your guests. You will be able to go straight to cocktail hour and catch up with loved ones without stress. It’s a new age and it’s no longer considered bad luck to see each other before your ceremony, in fact it’s encouraged by having a first look that will lead into your couples portraits and formals.

VIII. Make sure you discuss a “rain plan” just in case Mother Nature doesn’t see sunshine in the cards, and make sure it’s a plan you are okay with. Utilizing umbrellas as opposed to taking the whole show inside can dramatically change your photos and expectations.

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